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About Us

Hi! Thanks for being here. This is Our Story...

Fine Foams is an Australian-based online retail brand whose mission is to help people like you help relieve and prevent back pain.

After suffering from back pain due to an injury, Dhiren, the company's founder, could not sit any longer than an hour straight for work or drive. He started to look for back pain relief products all over the internet but could not find any that could fulfill his needs and relieve back pain.

He consulted with the top orthopedic specialists around the country and designed a seat cushion to solve this problem. He then took that design to manufacture the first seat cushion that could truly reduce pressure on the lower back, help relieve back pain and provide the ultimate comfort.

This way, the first model of Fine Foams Titan's seat cushion was invented. Since then, we have upgraded different components of the seat cushion, including memory foam.

At Fine Foams, we understand the challenges of living with back pain; it's what inspired us to establish our brand and create a solution for all sufferers.

Our charcoal memory foam products are specifically designed to cradle your body in the correct posture when sitting.

When your body is supported correctly, you experience relief from back pain, increased comfort, and improved life quality in the long term.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our products are as luxuriously plush as they are ergonomic and durable. Premium charcoal memory foam gives our seat cushions, and lumbar supports, a cloud-like feel, and a long lifespan.

Whether you want to prevent or relieve back pain, or you simply crave more comfort, Fine Foams products will make you feel good.